i just

found a song that i hadn’t heard in a while

and it’s terrifying

ugh my brother is awake i’m gonna kick a thing

i want to die to be honest



my main’s tag broke : o

just because something small disappointed you it does not mean that you have to hate it, be uncomfortable and make a big deal out of it if you enjoyed all the rest damn it.

stop ruining it for everyone else

also i tagged a post here as ooc uh

sometimes i look at some rpers and i’m like

"why the hell do you have so many followers"

like- their style isn’t even good? and they godmod??

then h o w

my self control is hella high thankfully but i really want to claw my skin off or take my pocket knife and skin my arm

i’m having a hella bad moment rn like

idk i feel like

a hole was made in my heart? i feel hella empty i don’t like this