there’s a thing that really bothers me

it’s that some people go “oh neurotypical people are S O  GROSS AND DISGUSTING AND B LA H” like wow

you are blaming them for something they cannot control? You are blaming them because they don’t have a mental illness? Surely some of them are disgusting, but?? if they don’t have mental diseases it’s good for them, as long as they are not shitheads

i?? know many neurotypical people and they are not the worst, please realize that it’s jsut ignorants the ones you should dislike.

i’m going to try and play minecraft on survival like wow

i never do that

cannot wait until summer so i can sleep without my shirt on without the risk of getting ill

wow dysphoria i didn’t want you to kick in today

I am really easy to anger but I know how to contain it.

pmuch me

i contain my anger p damn well but well—- I am always angry or most of the time at least, and it’s horrible, it’s a horrible feeling, being angry it’s the worst, you can’t cooperate with anything at all.

I just want to??? Go downstairs and slash some plants like that one summer i guess.

in any case, I hope I don’t lash out at anybody, I do not enjoy being mean

it makes me so angry that people ship gavin and geoff from roosterteeth?? like wth they are just really close friends?? People complain about how guys don’t like even touching each other because they’ll think that everyone thinks they are gay.

But when they actually do it??? “WOW THEY ARE A COUPLE, THEY ARE TOGETHER WOW GAY” like wth geoff is married and has a child, and gavin is gavin.

stop shipping irl people

I really want to talk with Sebastian again ahhhhh

chokes back tears and hits head against wall

goodbye kindynos you were never liked

i love life but i’m also so angry with it i don’t want to be aware of it